Maximize leader engagement with traditional executive coaching

Combined with a revolutionary and powerful singular location for deploying, managing, and measuring results and impact of executive coaching.

Executive Coaching System - ECXExecutive Coaching System - ECX

Our revolutionary Executive Coaching System, ECx, takes Executive Coaching to the next level - measuring coaching impact by tracking the right quantitative data to determine skill improvement and ROI. From 360 assessment to tracking results, coaching sessions, and coach progress, ECx provides the tools to maximize your executive coaching investment.

Comprehensive, complete, and easy to use.
ECx makes managing executive coaching easy:

Intuitive data analysis and reporting

Intuitive data analysis and reporting

Actionable data for leadership development, engagement, and hiring.

Detailed meeting management and tracking

Detailed meeting management and tracking

Coaches have the tools to track progress, notes, and monitor their engagement.

Curated content enhancing the coaching experience

Curated content

Individualized resource library enhances the coaching experience.

L&D and HR-friendly reports

L&D / HR friendly

- View the growth of the leader
- Assess impact of the coaching based on feedback
- Review evaluations of the coaching program and NPS for each coach