The C4X Process

Coaching for Excellence

Whether you are making a coaching investment for a handful or hundreds of employees, C4X allows you to deploy coaching in a way that is consistent, scalable, and measurable. Launch coaching in minutes. Track real-time data on participants, cohorts, and coaches. View comprehensive reporting at your fingertips.

C4X provides a complete coaching environment composed of integrated assessments, content unique to each person, micro-learning delivered via text or email, and 1:1 coaching.

The C4X coaching platform provides distinct leadership coaching programs including: C4L -- Coaching for Leadership, C4M -- Coaching for Managers, C4H -- Coaching for High Potentials, and C4W -- Coaching for Women.

C4X offers scalable, measurable, and high-impact leadership coaching solutions. Every C4X solution follows a four-step process of:

1. Assessing opportunities - Proprietary, integrated, and easy to use / easy to take action 360 assessment.

2. Prioritizing objectives - Goal alignment among participant, manager, and coach.

3. Applying new learning - Actionable weekly individualized online and emailed content, 1:1 coaching, and on the job learning / results.

4. Measuring individual, team and business results - Superior comprehensive data and reporting to track individual, group, and company leadership development success.

C4L: Coaching for Leadership

C4L Coaching for Leadership

Being a great leader requires more than delivering results. Leadership requires developing a range of skills necessary to identify and achieve one's vision. These skills include being inspirational, influencing others, developing executive presence, and keen strategic thinking. C4L accelerates the leadership development path and increases leadership abilities of current or aspiring leaders.


C4M: Coaching for Management

C4M Coaching for Management

As a first-time manager, or one who was catapulted into management and learned on-the-job, there are foundational management skills that must be mastered to be successful. Perhaps it is running more effective meetings; managing team performance, or resolving conflict. C4M develops and hones the specific management skills needed to become an effective manager.


C4O: Coaching for Onboarding

C4M Coaching for Onboarding

Whether you are hiring twenty employees for headquarters or thousands for sites around the world, C4O moves way beyond traditional tactical on-boarding to provide the most strategic scalable solution for new hire success. Over a three month period, C4O combines online structure, content, and resources with the guidance of a coach to develop critical skills and ensure new hire success. The C4O online technology provides guidance, resources, links to your company's resources, and customizable track-able checklist items. An interactive admin panel allows for tracking individual and cohort metrics to ensure program ROI and alignment with company objectives.


C4H: Coaching for High Potentials

C4H Coaching for High Potentials

Transform your next generation of leaders from High-Potentials to high performance. Your High-Potentials, expect more than traditional training and development. C4H is the answer for high-performing employees who expect personalized, meaningful, and actionable professional development.


C4W: Coaching for Women

C4W Coaching for Women

Women leaders face unique challenges along the path to success. To meet the specific needs of women leaders we created Coaching For Women (C4W). C4W is the only leadership solution tailored for current and emerging women leaders. C4W guides each leader to identify and develop their most important leadership skills with a gender-balanced perspective.