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Skyline Is Excited To Partner With Leap HR

March 1, 2019 by SkylineG

SkylineG is excited to partner in 2019 with LEAP HR and their industry centered events including their Tech Talent event in March 2019. These events center on connecting expertise and new thinking to companies looking to learn and grow. This format works because it connects people leaders taking the most radical leaps to deliver real impact through their people functions. Whether your tech business is in hyper-growth, rapidly scaling or innovating to stay at the cutting-edge, this is the event for you. The innovators taking part in LEAP Tech Talent don’t want to waste your time by simply telling you the headlines about how great they are – they are there to share the real stories behind their work.

PR Newswire: Skyline Group Launches Revolutionary Technology That Better Manages Leadership Coaching and for the First Time, Measures Its Impact

October 30, 2018 by SkylineG

Leadership coaching continues to grow beyond an estimated $2 billion-sized industry. As companies continue to invest in leadership coaching, the need to manage and measure coaching's impact is critical. Continuing SkylineG's mission to provide the most comprehensive and measurable leadership coaching programs, SkylineG's scalable leadership coaching technology, C4X, now makes it possible for companies to manage coaching programs end-to-end, track the investment they make in leadership coaching, and for the first time, measure impact.

"Based on best practices from our Coaching Scaled (CS) programs, we have brought to the world of Executive Coaching the ability to not only better track coaching engagements, but to also measure skill development and impact to organizations.

This is a transformative tool for HR and Learning and Development professionals who are responsible for managing and showing the impact of leadership coaching in their companies." shares Thuy Sindell, Skyline Group's Coaching Practice Leader.

"Skyline was the first to bring leadership coaching technology to the market in 2012 and we are excited that we continue to lead the industry by bringing innovation and results-driven products to our customers. With our new ECX product, we are now taking executive coaching to the next level." Thuy continues.

Contact SkylineG to get an inside look at the most powerful leadership coaching technology and methods today.

Skyline Group is the leading provider of scalable leadership solutions. Learn more at: or contact us at for more information.

SkylineG is proud to be a sponsor of the HRPS 2018 Strategic HR Forum

October 14, 2018 by SkylineG

We are living in a world where change is the norm. Disruption is no longer a novelty, it is way of life, inside and outside of work. The forces that drive the intense disruption create complexity that challenges even the most agile organizations. To thrive, organizations must find new ways to balance the waves of change and innovation to create coherence.

In an intimate environment among influential leaders, participants will benefit from close networking with peers, and from the presentations and sessions that offer unsurpassed dialogue and discussion with speakers. It is a place where such interaction and Socratic questioning is applied to a full range of potential futures and solutions.

At the Strategic HR Forum: Leading Through Disruption, the focus and theme will be the critical role HR leaders play in creating a competitive advantage by finding value within the disruptive layers of the business environment.

SkylineG is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming HCI learning and leadership development conference in Chicago, September 28-29.

September 25, 2018 by SkylineG

Have leadership development programs have been failing us or is it the active participants? The major problem in most organizations is the way we identify and develop high potentials and leaders – turns out we’re either using the wrong criteria or not providing the right resources like coaching and a continuing learning process for leaders.

The talent that makes someone successful in their field is a different talent than what makes someone a great manager. New leadership personality criteria enables us to measure and evaluate candidates more effectively, giving us a new perspective into the true DNA makeup of leadership. This means the workforce also has to change its old ways of thinking about its sense of entitlement to leadership positions. This is a new game!

Join us at the HCI Learning & Leadership Development Conference to get strategies you can use right now to identify and develop the managers who will drive the engagement, collaboration, and innovation that are essential to the success of your organization.

Coaching and Retaining High Potential Leaders: A Workshop for HR/L&D Professionals

September 18, 2018 by SkylineG

Join us LIVE in downtown Seattle on September 18th for a FREE afternoon workshop as we explore trends, research and best practices regarding what drives your High Potential Leaders!

In today's highly competitive talent market, retaining and engaging your high potential leaders is mission critical to the success of your organization. These high potentials are one of your most important competitive advantages in the market today!
In this FREE highly interactive, fast paced workshop you will connect and network with other L&D/HR professionals as we examine:

Ideas on How to Build Your Leadership Bench
Ways for Defining and Selecting High Potentials
The Keys to High Potential Engagement
Trends, Norms and Innovative Concepts for Retaining These Key Employees
Proven and Effective Development Processes

At the end of the workshop there will be optional demo and overview of one of today's most regarded next gen development solutions; C4H - Coaching for High Potentials

Mindset Over Matter: How The Right Leadership Mindset Can Drive Leadership Performance Sponsored by HRPS

July 19, 2018 by SkylineG

The mindset of every leader impacts the decisions they make. Mindset shapes how leaders respond, learn, and navigate both business decisions and their life-long growth. There are a number of different mindsets that, when calibrated in the right way, help leaders of both gender maximize their performance and resilience. Join us to learn about the various mindsets that leaders can have, and which ones are the most effective according to our research into male / female leadership mindset. Highlights and key take-aways of this engaging half-hour presentation include:

• The most effective leadership mindsets for both male and female leaders.

• Mindset differences in effectiveness for male and female leaders.

• Generational mindset differences in effectiveness

• Key behaviors that support the most effective mindsets

SkylineG and Barney and Barney are Excited to Host an Introduction to Creating a Culture of Coaching Workshop

May 23, 2018 by SkylineG

Research shows that organizations that adopt a “Coaching Culture” have more engaged employees who employ effective problem-solving tools.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will introduce the concept of goal- focused leadership coaching, how it impacts employees’ effectiveness and how to start introducing these concepts into your organization.

Date: June 19th 2018
Location: 201 California Street, Suite 250 San Francisco CA 94111
Time: 8:30am to 1:00pm

Skyline Group Launches New Features to Maximize Leadership Coaching Results

May 17, 2018 by SkylineG

Leadership coaching continues to grow beyond an estimated $2 Billion Dollar sized industry. Continuing Skyline G's mission to provide the most comprehensive and measurable leadership coaching programs, Skyline G's scalable leadership coaching technology (C4X), now provides extended email micro learning and online development resource access. This addition enables continued learning and access to the C4X leadership development methodology up to one year. As a result, there is greater retention of skills and new behaviors for C4X leadership coaching participants.

Making it easy for HR professionals to administer, manage, and demonstrate the success of their leadership development programs is a core value proposition of Skyline G and C4X. In alignment with this, we launched our new geo tracking feature allowing C4X administrators to visually track participants no matter where they are in the world – making it easy to identify where individuals and cohorts are and what they are achieving.

Skyline G is proud to be able to provide real time data and metrics that show the individual and business results of our leadership coaching programs in alignment with the Kirkpatrick/Phillips training evaluation models. Skyline G's C4X leadership coaching technology programs average a 90%+ satisfaction rating for leaders (the average satisfaction rating for leadership development programs is 35%).

"Skyline was the first to bring leadership coaching technology to the market in 2012 and we are excited that we continue to lead the industry by bringing innovation and results driven features to our customers. C4X– offers a proven methodology for leadership development (not just supporting content that can be found on the web) combined with 1:1 leadership coaching," Shares Milo Sindell, Skyline G President.

Skyline Group is the leading provider of scalable leadership solutions. Learn more at: and

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Skyline Group Is a Proud Sponsor of The HRPS 2018 Annual Conference

April 22, 2018 by SkylineG

To thrive in today's business environment, HR leaders must develop holistic approaches that will optimize human and digital collaboration to transform people's lives inside and outside of work. In an intimate environment among influential leaders, the HR People + Strategy Annual Conference: Building Extraordinary Organizations—Human + Digital Collaboration will explore the vital role of HR in leading the convergence of people and technology to build extraordinary organizations and the key elements shaping employees' work expectations.

Stacy Shamberger To Present At The HRPS 2018 Annual Conference

April 22, 2018 by SkylineG

Today’s HR executives understand that through the advancements in digital technology we can become better at “being human”, influencing how we perform our work, how we collaborate and even enhance our uniquely human capabilities, leading to more meaningful interactions and transactions in our lives. It’s no longer just about creating improvements to the bottom-line, studies now show that incorporating human and digital collaboration can have an impact on employee engagement, development and morale, while decreasing the distance between teams and individuals.

In this interactive fact based session, we will explore insights from research, market trends and proven best practices of amalgamating both the human and digital aspects of collaboration. We will examine ideas on how collaboration can increase productivity and innovation, engage employees, attract talent and even add a deeper dimension to employee development. We’ll also investigate the important role leadership plays in ensuring the successful transition, adoption and integration of all forms of collaboration throughout your organization.