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Mindset Over Matter: How The Right Leadership Mindset Can Drive Leadership Performance Sponsored by HRPS

July 19, 2018 by SkylineG

The mindset of every leader impacts the decisions they make. Mindset shapes how leaders respond, learn, and navigate both business decisions and their life-long growth. There are a number of different mindsets that, when calibrated in the right way, help leaders of both gender maximize their performance and resilience. Join us to learn about the various mindsets that leaders can have, and which ones are the most effective according to our research into male / female leadership mindset. Highlights and key take-aways of this engaging half-hour presentation include:

• The most effective leadership mindsets for both male and female leaders.

• Mindset differences in effectiveness for male and female leaders.

• Generational mindset differences in effectiveness

• Key behaviors that support the most effective mindsets


SkylineG and Barney and Barney are Excited to Host an Introduction to Creating a Culture of Coaching Workshop

May 23, 2018 by SkylineG

Research shows that organizations that adopt a “Coaching Culture” have more engaged employees who employ effective problem-solving tools.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will introduce the concept of goal- focused leadership coaching, how it impacts employees’ effectiveness and how to start introducing these concepts into your organization.

Date: June 19th 2018
Location: 201 California Street, Suite 250 San Francisco CA 94111
Time: 8:30am to 1:00pm


Skyline Group Launches New Features to Maximize Leadership Coaching Results

May 17, 2018 by SkylineG

Leadership coaching continues to grow beyond an estimated $2 Billion Dollar sized industry. Continuing Skyline G's mission to provide the most comprehensive and measurable leadership coaching programs, Skyline G's scalable leadership coaching technology (C4X), now provides extended email micro learning and online development resource access. This addition enables continued learning and access to the C4X leadership development methodology up to one year. As a result, there is greater retention of skills and new behaviors for C4X leadership coaching participants.

Making it easy for HR professionals to administer, manage, and demonstrate the success of their leadership development programs is a core value proposition of Skyline G and C4X. In alignment with this, we launched our new geo tracking feature allowing C4X administrators to visually track participants no matter where they are in the world – making it easy to identify where individuals and cohorts are and what they are achieving.

Skyline G is proud to be able to provide real time data and metrics that show the individual and business results of our leadership coaching programs in alignment with the Kirkpatrick/Phillips training evaluation models. Skyline G's C4X leadership coaching technology programs average a 90%+ satisfaction rating for leaders (the average satisfaction rating for leadership development programs is 35%).

"Skyline was the first to bring leadership coaching technology to the market in 2012 and we are excited that we continue to lead the industry by bringing innovation and results driven features to our customers. C4X– offers a proven methodology for leadership development (not just supporting content that can be found on the web) combined with 1:1 leadership coaching," Shares Milo Sindell, Skyline G President.

Skyline Group is the leading provider of scalable leadership solutions. Learn more at: and

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Stacy Shamberger To Present At The HRPS 2018 Annual Conference

April 22, 2018 by SkylineG

Today’s HR executives understand that through the advancements in digital technology we can become better at “being human”, influencing how we perform our work, how we collaborate and even enhance our uniquely human capabilities, leading to more meaningful interactions and transactions in our lives. It’s no longer just about creating improvements to the bottom-line, studies now show that incorporating human and digital collaboration can have an impact on employee engagement, development and morale, while decreasing the distance between teams and individuals.

In this interactive fact based session, we will explore insights from research, market trends and proven best practices of amalgamating both the human and digital aspects of collaboration. We will examine ideas on how collaboration can increase productivity and innovation, engage employees, attract talent and even add a deeper dimension to employee development. We’ll also investigate the important role leadership plays in ensuring the successful transition, adoption and integration of all forms of collaboration throughout your organization.


Skyline Group Is a Proud Sponsor of The HRPS 2018 Annual Conference

April 22, 2018 by SkylineG

To thrive in today's business environment, HR leaders must develop holistic approaches that will optimize human and digital collaboration to transform people's lives inside and outside of work. In an intimate environment among influential leaders, the HR People + Strategy Annual Conference: Building Extraordinary Organizations—Human + Digital Collaboration will explore the vital role of HR in leading the convergence of people and technology to build extraordinary organizations and the key elements shaping employees' work expectations.


Skyline Group Is proud To Be A Sponsor Of HCI's 2018 Inclusive Diversity Conference

April 12, 2018 by SkylineG

Diversity is good for business. It’s proven to be a crucial driver of innovation, the development of new ideas, and a key factor in real time alignment to the market place. When giving a voice to diverse sets of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, organizations can expect a substantial increase in engagement and productivity, but more importantly, new views and perspectives on the diverse markets and customers we all serve.

One obstacle is the current political atmosphere that is polarizing the country and creating an environment of fear and anxiety for a host of groups because of their religious beliefs, ethnicities, and sexual preferences, as a result creating a safe haven to work is becoming increasingly challenging.


SkylineG is thrilled to announce that Stacy Shamberger, will kick off this year's WTCI's conference.

April 4, 2018 by SkylineG

We are thrilled to announce that Stacy Shamberger, will kick off this year's conference with a thought-provoking talk about best practices for optimizing professional leadership styles and how they impact culture, gender, and generations. During this session on "Leadership Strategies Across Gender, Generation, and Culture" you will gain insights on:

Obstacles and mindsets that prevent effective and fluid professional relationships

Techniques to break down the barriers to motivate and to be motivated

How you can integrate your authentic style into your work and daily life and inspire the ones around you

Make sure to register today while early bird price tickets last. To learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities – please contact Betsy O’Neill Collie.


Skyline Group Is Proud To Sponsor The 2018 LWHRA Symposium

February 13, 2018 by Skyline Group

The 2018 Symposium promises to provide insight and guidance into the dynamic world of HR by helping HR professionals connect, grow, and serve.

“Connect” by getting to know our members better - allow enough time for participants to connect with each other and communicate with exhibitors/sponsors.

“Grow” our community and the number of SHRM participants. We are working on various ways to increase our LWHRA membership and provide special Symposium packages for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

“Serve” by helping members become servant leaders. Our members can support each other in careers and jobs while volunteering in one of LWHRA’s Committees or Special Interest Groups. Members have an opportunity to participate in the Mentorship Program in which mentors share their knowledge, skills, information, and perspective to foster the professional growth of mentees.


Skyline Group Launches Powerful Tools for Identifying Leadership Development ROI: Expands the dynamic interactive reporting capability to all C4X products

November 16, 2017 by SkylineG

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyline Group Intl – As part of the continual development of Skyline Group's scalable leadership coaching platform (C4X), human resources professionals can now better track and demonstrate the ROI of their leadership development investment. The addition of more robust data and interactive program metrics reinforces Skyline's focus on leadership development innovation and measurable results.

Milo Sindell, President of Skyline Group's C4X division, stated, "We are very excited to launch this expanded measurement capability as part of our C4X solution. Deploying leadership coaching no longer needs to be an expensive investment with a murky ROI. When companies deploy our solutions they can track, measure, and assess coaching ROI at both an individual and group basis.

"Leadership coaching can be the most powerful way to develop leaders. However, measuring the impact of traditional leadership coaching is a major challenge. Now, better coaching data and reporting results in clear presentation of key metrics for individuals and groups coached as part of the C4X ecosystem. Data from increased leadership effectiveness, productivity, development of 'soft-skills,' to overall program efficacy are gathered and synthesized. We look at results across different learning levels, represented in the Kirkpatrick/Phillips Model aligned with Skyline Group's C4X solutions.

"The data that is presented gives companies the ability to gain deep insight into not only individuals but leadership as a cohort. With this data, companies can make better strategic decisions including prioritizing what leadership skills need to be developed for company success or better-informed leadership hiring."

Skyline Group works with hundreds of companies helping them increase performance and results through developing their leaders. Companies use Skyline Group for the scalability, quality, and the results our solutions provide. Ensuring that the companies and HR professionals we work with have the data they need to demonstrate the value of the leadership development investments they are making is a critical part of Skyline Group's mission.

About Skyline Group:
Skyline Group is the leading provider of scalable leadership solutions. Learn more at: and

Skyline To Present At Adobe ColdFusion Summit

November 15, 2017 by Skyline Group

In conjunction with the case study Adobe did on Skyline Group’s C4X coaching technology solution, Adobe has invited Skyline to participate in this event. Adobe profiled Skyline’s application of ColdFusion as a novel application and business solution.

“Skyline Group International approaches leadership differently. Using technology, Skyline provides high-quality, personalized coaching that is both scalable and affordable. Skyline’s Coaching for Excellence (C4X) platform provides flexible one-to-one coaching anytime, anywhere through online access.
When Skyline was developing its first iteration of C4X, it evaluated multiple development platforms. It selected Adobe ColdFusion for its rapid programming capabilities, enterprise security, and “battle-tested” technology.”