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Whether you are looking for leadership coaching for a single executive, multiple executives or an entire company, Skyline G delivers the most effective leadership development through a combination of expertise, methodology, and technology. Companies who work with Skyline G get effective, measurable, and results-focused coaching to all levels in your company.

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  • Adobe - Technology
  • Airtable Create Personalized Apps
  • Amazon - Technology
  • AMD - Technology
  • Atlassian
  • Barclays - Financial Institution
  • Bio-Rad
  • Blue Shield of California - Health Carea
  • Charles Schwab - Financial Institution
  • Checkr
  • Cisco - Technology
  • Clorox - Manufacturing
  • Columbia - Sportswear
  • Cyber Haven, Inc
  • Dignity Health - Health Care
  • Disney - Entertainment
  • DPR - Construction
  • Dropbox - Technology
  • EA - Entertainment and Gaming
  • eBay - Consumer Retail
  • Eventbrite - Technology
  • Experian
  • U.S Federal Reserve - Government
  • Flatiron - Health Care
  • Franklin Templeton - Financial Services
  • Gilead - Biopharmaceutical
  • Granite Construction
  • Google - Technology
  • Groupon - Consumer Services
  • HP - Technology
  • Instacart - Technology
  • Kodak - Photography
  • LinkedIn - Social Media
  • Mattel - Entertainment and Games
  • Mini Circuits
  • Medidata - Technology
  • Meritage Homes
  • Mercedes-Benz Luxury Vehicles
  • Netflix - Entertainment and Media
  • New Relic
  • Nutanix - Software
  • Nuveen - Global Investment
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Princess Cruises - Worldwide Destinations
  • Qadium
  • Rakuten - Merchant Technology Shopping
  • Raytheon - Defense Contractor
  • Robert Half HR Consulting Firm
  • Roche - Health Care
  • Samsung - Technology and Consumer Goods
  • Sephora - Beauty and Retail
  • Sequoia Capital - Investment Capital
  • Stanford University - College and Education
  • Stripe - Financial and Technology
  • Sunpower - Energy and Technology
  • Toast, Inc - Point of Sale Systems
  • Texas Instruments - Technology
  • Twitch - Media Streaming
  • Uber Eats and Uber Ride Sharing
  • Untapped
  • Verkada
  • Very Good Security
  • Vicor - Manufacturing
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati - Law Firm
  • Xilinx - Technology Supplier
  • Yahoo - Technology

A Superior Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Company

1:1 Coaching Process

Leadership Coaching: A complete coaching system and high touch bespoke service. 1:1 coaching from leadership experts matched to each leader combined with technology to manage, measure, and deliver results every time.

  • Intuitive data analysis and reporting


    Personalized match between an expert coach options and leader ensures superior fit.

  • Assess Opportunities Integrated 360 Assessment


    Our Proprietary 360 is smarter, faster, and enables better results.

  • Prioritize Objectives with Manager and Coaching


    Goal alignment among participant, manager, and coach.

  • Apply new one-on-one learning and results


    Actionable 1:1 coaching, personalized and curated online and email content, and on-the-job learning and results.

  • Measure results and development success


    Superior comprehensive data and reporting to track individual, group, and company leadership development success.

Better Executive Coaching Tools

Experienced coaches combined with superior tools, processes, and methods enables better results. Our Executive Coaching System within the C4X platform expands the visibility, access, and impact of executive coaching.

  • Intuitive data analysis and reporting


    Actionable data for leadership development, engagement, and hiring.

  • Curated content and coaching libraries


    Individualized resource library enhances the coaching experience.

  • Detailed meeting management and tracking


    Coaches have the tools to track progress, notes, and monitor their engagements.

  • L&D and HR friendly reporting


    Deploy, assess, and manage your coaching programs using the resources and companies you choose.

Achieve a Higher Level of Performance Proven Effectiveness through Measurable, Data-Based Results

Proven Effectiveness through Measurable, Data-Based Results

  • Objective Achievement

    Percent of leaders who achieved their primary business objectives

  • Training Impact

    Percent of leaders reported increased skill development for all competencies chosen

  • Skill Development

    Percent of people rating leaders that reported increased impact and skill development

Excellence in Technology - Brandon Hall Group

We received an 'Excellence in Technology' award from the esteemed R&A firm, Brandon Hall Group!

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