The Best Executive Coaching Programs & Leadership Development Training in New York City

Accelerate leadership skill development and results of a single executive or an entire team with impactful, measurable leadership coaching. We've fueled some of the best companies on earth for 15 years & can help you provide world-class development programs for your executives, management & high potentials with services like:

• Leadership Coaching
• Leadership Assessments Including, The Skyline 360 Assessment
• Leadership Team Performance
• Leadership Program Development

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The Best Executive Leadership Development in NYC

New York City is home to influential leaders and creative thinkers of the global business space. From Michael Bloomberg to Ralph Lauren, NYC has been a breeding ground for people who made a mark on the world. Currently, the Big Apple has headquarters of over 50 companies from the Fortune 500 list – that’s 10% of the wealthiest companies in the world. From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, wealth flows in NYC left it making it a hub of massive financial opportunities, and high impact leadership.

With over 7000 startups in $71 billion ecosystem value, NYC is an economic powerhouse and a realm of endless opportunities for the doers. This, coupled with the fast-paced business environment of the city that never sleeps, attracts top global talent to build businesses and connect with like-minded people.

Whether it's Mike Fisher setting up Etsy, Andrew Kortina making payment transfers a breeze via Venmo, or Matt Cooper taking online learning to a new level with Skillshare, NYC is full of forward-thinking tech leaders, leading their teams and companies to new heights of growth and success.

At Skyline Group, we believe that great leaders make the difference between a good company and a great company. Becoming a great leader requires discipline, experience, and knowing when to bring in an expert to accelerate the leadership learning curve.

We help businesses unlock the true potential of their decision-makers with executive coaching in NYC.

With highly tailored leadership development programs and executive coaching that delivers measurable impact, we transform high performers into the 1% of the corporate world – the change-makers.

Some of companies that have benefited from our executing coaching in NYC include:

  • AMD - Technology
  • Adobe - Technology
  • Netflix - Entertainment and Media
  • Cisco - Technology
  • Amazon - Technology
  • Sequoia Capital - Investment Capital

Why Hire an Executive Coach in New York City?

Are you looking to create an attitude of ownership among your employees and managers?

Or, are you looking to increase your executive team's productivity and effectiveness?

Or, maybe you're concerned about succession planning and need the right experts on your side to ensure the next generation of leadership is ready?

Or, simply to create a remarkable business?

Common reasons for why companies seek out coaching include a strong desire for:

  • Accelerate leadership skill set development,
  • Alignment of leaders to each other, company goals, and culture,
  • Prepare leaders for new or expanded roles,
  • Engage, empower, and align leaders and their team,
  • Increase business results.

Looking for a result-oriented business coach in NYC to increase leadership performance and alignment tied to organizational results? Skyline G's executive-level coaching is perfect for you.

Measuring Executive Development

Measuring the impact of investing in executive development has largely been overlooked until recently due to the difficulty of measuring the ROI of soft skills. Especially in today's bottom-line focused environments, leadership coaching can sound vague and impractical.

However, at Skyline Group, we have combined technology and traditional leadership development coaching and created a pioneering system that can quantify the results of your coaching investment.

In fact, we have made it possible to measure coaching impact at a scalable level. Our Executive Coaching System, ECx, has the ability to track previously "soft" skills and their correlation to business results. ECx intuitively collects data that will directly quantify your coaching ROI and allow for better strategic leadership development, planning, and goal setting.

We assess 5 levels of impact to measure the effectiveness of our coaching for our clients: Satisfaction, Learning, Skills Transfer, Impact to Business, and ROI.

Having quantifiable data in these 5 areas helps our clients in New York and worldwide correlate their coaching investment to business results.

Executive Coaching in New York City

Skyline Group is proud to offer multiple tailored solutions within our C4X, Coaching for Excellence, Platform. Our premium executive-level program is ECx. Here's how it works.

Once you decide to work with us, we collaborate with your HR, and your leader to get to know more about you, your company, and the current challenges your organization is facing.

After identifying your unique circumstances, we will work with you to identify the right executive coach in New York, NY who will be the best match for your leaders and company culture.

Setting up, administering, and managing your coaching program is easy using the ECx platform. Once leaders are set up in the ECx platform, Skyline's lauded 360 Assessment is launched.


Once we receive the analysis, your executive coach will review the information rich data. Taking into consideration the initial consultation, assessment, and knowing your specific goals, the coach will create an assessment and a plan of action all facilitated through the ECx platform.


Throughout our work together, we will work closely with you to ensure that all coaching engagements are on track and aligned with individual and company goals.

We Specialize in Developing Great Leaders

With over 200 expert executive coaches worldwide, Skyline G is a trusted partner great companies depend on to rapidly level up their leader's skills, enable amazing teams, and reach business results faster.

We work with your HR leaders, department heads, supervisors & managers to help them ensure their leaders are enabled to succeed and they have the data that supports leadership investment ROI.

Talk to Our Experts Today – Let's Elevate Your Workforce

At Skyline G, we offer personalized executive coaching in New York, New York tailored to fit your needs. Our leading executive coaches in New York City collaborate with your HR, executive director, managers, supervisors, and leaders.

Together, we go through a review process and design a customized leadership development strategy. It’s a highly customized program with a plan to focus on all levels of issues and needs of your company.

Talk to us today about our services to get started on your journey to achieving maximum growth and incredible business health– we’re ready to answer every question you have in mind, including:

  • What is the executive coaching process?
  • What results should a leader and your company expect from the coaching process?
  • What qualifications should the right coach have?
  • What does a leadership coaching program include?

Want answers to these questions? Schedule a concise call with one of our team members.

Thuy Sindell, PhD

About Thuy Sindell - Founder

Thuy Sindell, PhD in Organizational Psychology, has over 20 years of executive coaching experience with companies across various industries and sizes. Her clientele has ranged from technology startups to Fortune 500 insurance corporations. Her expertise has been featured by Business Week, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, NBC, and The Washington Post.

Thuy is the President of Skyline Group's Coaching Division which manages over 180 coaches, facilitators, and consultants worldwide.

Milo Sindell, MS

About Milo Sindell - President

Milo Sindell, MS in Organization Development, has over 15 years of experience as a business and human capital expert. He worked as Intel's Senior Consultant for areas including strategy development and implementation, knowledge management, and leadership and employee development.

Milo went on to cofound and develop Hit the Ground Running, a pioneering employee performance software company which was later acquired by IBM.

At Skyline, Milo leads the product development for Skyline's executive coaching technology solutions. Together, Thuy and Milo have co-authored four books on the topics of executive development. Hidden Strengths (Berrett-Koehler, 2015), The End of Work as You Know It (Ten Speed Press, 2010), Job Spa (Adams Media, 2008), and Sink or Swim (Adams Media, 2006).

Join Thousands of Executives Achieving More

  • 95% of C4X participants achieved their primary business objectives

  • Percent of leaders reported increased skill development for all competencies chosen

  • Percent of people rating leaders that reported increased impact and skill development


"By using C4L and these techniques effectively it will help achieve a $30M+ growth over the next 3 years."

"I think there is tremendous value that we can ascribe to my ability to lead in a more inspirational way. If I impact each team member's productivity and attachment to their role, it could have significant impact on our carries a quota of over $60M. I would think that if I impact everyone 1%, it would equal almost $1M.

"I can state that my leadership training will improve the probability of success with key customers in my region and will improve effectiveness of my combined sales team to identify and close business. I have already been able to add $13.9M to my sales plan since the C4L training started... there is significant value that I have observed in myself and the others involved in C4L that not only provides value in regards to the specific skill sets we worked on, but also brings value to some essential core leadership skills that were needed throughout the organization."

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