Leadership development programs designed to accelerate growth.

No matter your industry or company size, leaders at all levels in your company must perform at their best.

This means that their skills, behaviors, and focus align with company vision, value, and culture. Each individual leader is ready for any challenge and at group level, your leaders are aligned to beat the competition.

Designing a new or recreating an existing leadership program should be one of the most exciting and important endeavors for HR. Great leadership development programs can ignite the potential of senior leadership, engage high-potential employees in amazing ways, and communicate to all employees what it means to be a leader in your company. We help you realize this opportunity.

Better Leadership Development designed to meet your needs

Leadership development programs approach developing leaders on a broad basis. As opposed to individual coaching or developing a specific leadership skill, a comprehensive leadership program has many parts organized in concert with a singular objective of harnessing the potential of your leadership bench. The most effective leadership development programs are broad based, multi-month, and integrate a range of learning modalities ranging from assessments, interactive events, project based learning, coaching, and experiential learning.

Developing Leadership Skills at Scale Across Your Entire Organization Has Never Been Easier

Leadership programs are crucial for the continued success of any organization.

The smartest organizations invest heavily into leadership development and have long-established comprehensive leadership development plans focused not only on the current C-Suite, mid-level leaders, and high potentials. If you are creating a program from the ground up, we work with you to ensure the right structure, goals, methods, and processes are in place. If you are looking to evolve a program that has been in place for a while and needs to be updated - we will work with you to keep what’s great and recreate an exciting and engaging program.

No matter the approach and your need, each of our programs are designed around your unique business, culture, process, and objectives.

Leadership Development Case Studies

See our leadership development program case studies below to see how our leadership training helped with skill development, problem-solving, succession planning, and put managers and other high-potential leaders on the fast track to leadership opportunities.

Learn how Skyline G collaborated with Groupon to provide superior leadership coaching, coaching management, and measurable results in this succinct case study with our premium leadership coaching solution, ECx, providing proven success and unparalleled customer service.

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Learn more about how we partnered with a leading global manufacturer of peripheral components for the commercial vehicle industry looking to develop and improve their leadership pipeline and how ConMet leveraged Skyline's solutions to address their leadership development needs in this succinct case study.

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Find out how Medidata, a publicly-traded company offering a SaaS platform for clinical researchers, realized huge returns on their investment in Skyline's C4X | Coaching for Excellence solution. In this case study, we pull back the curtain and reveal how Skyline was able to help Medidata achieve impressive results.

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Leadership Development FAQ's

Companies leadership development programs

Why do companies have leadership development programs?

In order to be the best, companies need to have strong leaders that are great at their jobs. Leadership development programs are essential for the success of companies. It's a critical aspect of business that many companies don't give enough attention to. These companies struggle while companies that have an established leadership development program can achieve Fortune 500 levels of success.

Best leadership development programs

What are the best leadership development programs?

The best leadership programs first and foremost consider their audience - who will be a part of the program, how will they be invited and based upon what criteria. Your leaders should be excited to be a part of your program. As such, your program must have senior leadership support - it needs to be a big deal to be a part of the program. The program must integrate multiple components and include activities that are fun and hopefully legendary - that people will talk about with others and remember as pivotal in their experience.

Elements included in leadership development programs

What elements should be included in a leadership development program?

  • Start with a vision in mind. As you and your team embark on creating an incredible program start with the end in mind.
  • Ensure the curriculum is align with the skills and competencies vital to leadership and company success.
  • Vocal and visual C-Suite sponsorship. The most effective leadership programs must have support of your most senior leaders. This is more than financial.
  • Make it mult-factor. Great leadership programs draw from a range of learning methods.
  • Create an ecosystem. A development ecosystem ensure lasting results.

As an HR or business leader, investing in a leadership development program is not a simple decision. For a leadership development program to be worth the investment, it must change not only change a leader’s behavior it must it must have these five components of effective leadership development programs:

  • Think Strategically
  • Demand Measurable Results and ROI
  • Use The Secret Weapon – Smart Leadership Development
  • Use a Methodology
  • Use an ecosystem to learn, apply, and sustain new learning