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What is leadership coaching & how does it benefit a company?

by Thuy Sindell, PhD. and Milo Sindell, MS.

The best way to develop & retain top talent and ensure maximum company performance is through behavioral science-based leadership coaching.

Delegation: The key to leadership excellence & tips on how to delegate like a pro

Jun 10, 2024

Leadership success is often determined not only by an individual's capability to perform tasks but also by the ability to delegate effectively. Effective delegation is a skill that transforms good leaders into great ones by maximizing team output, developing employee skills, and focusing on strategic leadership activities.

Micromanagement vs. Leading: Empowering Your Team for Enhanced Productivity

May 20, 2024

In today's competitive business environment, the distinction between micromanagement and empowering leadership is critical, especially for senior leaders. The former severely constrains an organization's dynamism and innovation, while the latter can significantly boost productivity and foster a positive, engaging workplace culture. Below we explore the detrimental effects of micromanagement in-depth and provide strategic insights for senior leaders on fostering a culture of empowerment, which is crucial for long-term success.

Thriving Together: The Intersection of Organizational Culture and Employee Well-being

May 6, 2024

As stewards of organizational culture, leaders wield significant influence in shaping the ethos and values that define their companies.  From the shared values and beliefs, to the unspoken norms that shape daily interactions, in this article we'll explore the symbiotic relationship between organizational culture and leadership and sustaining a vibrant company culture.

Emotional intelligence in leadership: what it is & why it's Important

Apr 8, 2024

Leaders must have emotional intelligence to lead effectively and guide their teams and organizations. This essential skillset drives leadership & gives leaders the ability, influence & power to move teams forward in a positive direction. Let's dive into the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and in leadership.

Imposter syndrome: definition, types, symptoms, causes & strategies

Apr 2, 2024

Leadership imposter syndrome is a pervasive phenomenon that affects individuals in leadership positions across various industries. It's a psychological pattern where leaders doubt their abilities and accomplishments, believing that they are frauds despite evidence of competence and positive feedback.

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