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Skyline has a foundation built upon decades of executive coaching with some of the most recognized clients in the world.

Why Skyline G's coaching is so effective

Our 4-step process -- Assess opportunities, Prioritize objectives, Apply new learning and Measure results -- is the foundation for our Executive and Leadership Coaching Services.

The leadership team

Thuy Sindell

Thuy Sindell, PhD

Founder and President
Coaching Scaled Division

Thuy Sindell, PhD
Milo Sindell

Milo Sindell, MS

Coaching Scaled Division

Milo Sindell, MS

In collaboration with over 180 of the world's best coaches

Rachelle J

Rachelle J.

Cynthia R

Cynthia R.

Jeff W

Jeff W.

Vivian G

Vivian G.

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