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Skyline G combines the best executive coaching services in the business with our proprietary coaching management software giving you the smart technology you need to track, measure, and realize the impact of your leadership coaching investment.

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Leadership coaching is the most powerful tool for developings and sustaining skilled leadership in your organization.

Whether one-on-one coaching for an individual, or the entire leadership team, our coaching engagements help leaders at all levels of your organization overcome obstacles, uncover blind spots, develop a deeper understanding of their leadership style to achieve peak performance.

In addition, leadership coaching helps organizations develop a culture of leadership development, bring company values to life as sustainable behaviors, and retain high-impact leadership.

Leadership coaching is not about giving leaders a quick fix or providing them with easy answers. Instead, leadership coaching is a journey of self-discovery and growth that leads to lasting change. From high potentials to senior leaders, our executive coaches help accelerate your leaders' learning trajectory saving time, avoiding costly problems, and enabling sustainable results

Leadership coaching is an essential service for any organization that is serious about developing its leadership capacity.

At Skyline G we believe that leaders are not born, but made, and like any other skill, leadership can be learned and mastered with the right combination of expert leadership coaching, methods, and processes. and su. Our world-class executive leadership coaching services and leadership development programs, combined with cutting edge technology and the ability to deliver our high-impact transformational leadership development, make us a preferred provider for some of the most recognized companies in the world. Contact us today for more information.

Leadership Coaching Services

Versatile and Versed

Skyline G works with organizations at three levels to provide a range of solutions to meet your organization's leadership challenges. Our leadership coaching services are:

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

We accelerate leadership learning to help companies get results faster.

Team Performance

Leadership Team Performance

We help companies increase team effectiveness and realize the full potential of their people working together.

Click here to learn more about leadership team performance.

Leadership Consulting

Leadership Consulting

We help align leaders to people, processes, and goals to maximize results.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

With more than 180 coaches worldwide, Skyline Group's Leadership solutions follow a proven systematic methodology to assess and evolve leadership abilities. Our processes and solutions are focused on getting measurable results that are tied to organizational strategy and business goals.

Leadership Solutions

Leadership Solutions

The most effective leadership development takes into account the entire leadership structure. Optimum company performance can only occur when all leaders have the right skills and are aligned as a team to business goals.

Our Executive Coaching Services Are

Skyline G works with organizations at three levels to provide a range of solutions to meet your organization's leadership challenges. Our executive coaching services are:

Scalable Technology and Solutions


Consistent Methods, Processes, and Technology combined with the best leadership coaches equals consistent results for one leader or hundreds

Measurable Achievement and Goal-based Impact


Coaching impact and leader data at your fingertips provides a clear picture of the ROI of your coaching investment

Global reach from Coaching Principles

Global reach

The best coaches in world available to your leaders.

Skyline G is rated #1 in executive leadership coaching in 2 of the top 5 tech giants we partner with

  • Amazon-executive-coaching
  • Google-executive-coaching
  • Netflix-executive-coaching
  • LinkedIn-executive-coaching

Why is Skyline G's Coaching So Effective?

Our executive coaching services, based on our 4 step process, combined with our leadership coaching platform, lets you easily deploy, manage, and most importantly, measure the impact of your leadership development efforts. Whether it is coaching for one senior manager or an entire organization of leaders, our leadership coaching allows your leaders to meet their full personal and professional potential.

Our Process:

- Chemistry Is Everything: We work with HR and each leader to ensure a perfect match between the coach and leader.
- A Team of Stakeholders: To ensure coaching success we ensure key stakeholders are aligned and in support of the leader's goals.
- Create a Baseline: Understanding where to focus the coaching requires data that can come from a range of assessments.
- A Recipe for Lasting Behavior Change: This is where our methodology, processes, and cadence comes into play to ensure rapid and sustainable results.
- High-Touch Meets Technology: Our technology allows you to manage, track and most importantly, realize the results and ROI of your coaching investment.

Skyline G's Proprietary, 4 Step Process

Our coaching engagement starts with a customized development plan that follows our proprietary, 4 step process designed to develop leaders and give leaders the right tools, and strategies to accelerate their performance and impact business results.

4 Step Process on Scaled Coaching
Assess opportunities during 360 Assessments

1. Assess opportunities

Proprietary, integrated, and easy to use, and easy to take action 360 assessment

Prioritize objectives and goal alignment with coach

2. Prioritize objectives

Goal alignment among participants, manager, and coach

Apply new learning with curated content

3. Apply new learning

Actionable weekly individualized online and emailed content, 1:1 coaching, and on-the-job learning/results

Measure results for individuals and between cohorts

4. Measure results

Superior comprehensive data and reporting to track individual, group, and company leadership development success

Skyline G's Proprietary, ECx Executive Coaching Software Platform

Executive Coaching System - ECXExecutive Coaching System - ECX

Our revolutionary Executive Coaching System, ECx, takes Executive Coaching to the next level, combining the best of traditional 1:1 leadership coaching with measurable coaching impact by tracking the right quantitative and qualitative data to determine skill improvement and ROI. From 360 assessment data to real-time tracking results, coaching sessions, and progress - ECx provides the tools to maximize your executive coaching investment.

Our leadership coaching software platform has made it possible to measure coaching impact at a scalable level and track previously “soft” skills and their correlation to business results. From a high potential to senior vice president, our certified executive coach can now quantify coaching clients' progress with hard data.

Intuitive data analysis and reporting

Intuitive data analysis and reporting

Actionable data for leadership development, engagement, and hiring.

Detailed meeting management and tracking

Detailed meeting management and tracking

Coaches have the tools to track progress, notes, and monitor their engagement.

Curated content enhancing the coaching experience

Curated content

An individualized resource library enhances the coaching experience.

L&D and HR-friendly reports

L&D / HR friendly

- View the growth of the leader
- Assess impact of the coaching based on feedback
- Review evaluations of the coaching program and NPS for each coach

Skyline G's Coaching Services are The Most Tailored & Personalized Form of Leadership Development Available for Company Leaders & Top Talent

Proven effectiveness, data-based results

  • 95% of C4X participants achieved their primary business objectives

  • Percent of leaders reported increased skill development for all competencies chosen

  • Percent of people rating leaders that reported increased impact and skill development

Frequently Asked Questions

• Why do companies choose Skyline G vs other firms?

Companies choose Skyline G because we provide superior leadership development services and results. We focus on results and measurable impact. We understand that investing in your leaders is not only critical but that investment must provide a measurable ROI. We love what we do and we strive to understand the needs of our customers and deliver solutions that are unique to their needs.

• What is unique about Skyline G’s leadership development programs?

Superior expertise, methods, and technology.

• What companies do you work with?

We work with a wide range of industries from finance and construction to media and technology. Our clients include venture-backed startups to Fortune 5. You can see a list of our clients below.

• How is coaching success measured?

Using our proprietary technology and system we measure coaching success on five levels from satisfaction to business impact. Coaching data is available to HR and key stakeholders through our coaching platform.

• What is involved in the coaching process?

Skyline G combines our proven methodology with our technology to deliver consistent impact and measurable results. Ours is a comprehensive process that engages all stakeholders to ensure coaching investment success.

• What kind of leadership or other types of assessments do you use?

Enneagram, 360 degree feedback assessment, DiSC

• What kind of programs do you have for leadership teams?

Skyline G offers 1:1 coaching, coaching for intact teams and cohorts of leaders, programs for high-potential employees, new/emerging leaders, and programs for intact leadership teams.

• What levels of employee do you coach?

Mid-level to CEO

• Is coaching in person or is it virtual?

Skyline’s leadership coaching delivers lasting results no matter if delivered in person or through video.

• What is the coaching time frame?

Realizing lasting measurable leadership behavior change takes consistent practise and reflection. Our engagements take place over six month periods. That said each engagement is tailored to the company and leader’s needs though always with the goal of lasting and measurable results.

• How many coaches do you have?

We have hundreds of coaches worldwide. Each coach has been vetted for their years of leadership experience, experience, and training.

Leadership Coaching

We accelerate leadership learning to help companies get results faster.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

With more than 200 coaches worldwide, Skyline Group's Leadership Coaches follow a proven systematic methodology to assess and evolve leadership abilities like communication skills, self-awareness, executive presence, and other skills that help leaders have difficult conversations and establish trust among their team for life-changing and business-changing professional growth. Our processes and solutions are focused on getting measurable results that are tied to organizational strategy and business goals.

Our Approach

We align all of our service towards understanding what makes your people most successful. By focusing on assessing, coaching, and strategically planning for your staffing needs, we have honed our expertise to deliver unique, targeted, and personalized assistance that will maximize the performance of your executives and teams.

Culture is the most powerful competitive advantage. We support your desired culture by working with your executives to reinforce the values and leadership principles critical to your success.We work with some of the biggest brands in world as well as companies who's names you have never heard. No matter the company, the seniority of the leaders we are working with, or location in the world, when you work with an executive coach from Skyline G that leadership coach will provide game changer personalized service, and measurable results.

Our work with your executives:

- Supports your strategy and desired business outcomes
- Is extremely responsive to the changing needs of your business and your executives
- Is highly personalized to target each of your professional's specific developmental areas.
- Provides executives with vital tools and methods, helping them improve their unique leadership - style, impact on others and impact on the results of the organization.

Our Solutions

Leadership Development Programs: Generic leadership programs do not work. We co-design custom, tailored leadership development programs that incorporate the skills and capabilities most needed by your people to win.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning - Transition Coaching - Onboarding

We support your organization's need to continue developing talent and the transition of those ready for a new, more challenging assignment and those on-boarding to the organization.

Strategic Leadership Review

Strategic Leadership Review

This solution provides a thorough, objective assessment of an organization's leadership team. At crucial times, this team leadership assessment allows the organization to rapidly define who should be "on the bus" and re-configure the leading team accordingly.

Accelerating Women in Leadership

Accelerating Women in Leadership

Our women-focused leadership development solutions are created to meet the needs of your female leaders. Women leaders face unique challenges. Our tailored solutions help your female leaders get to the next level and help them realize their full potential.

Optimizing Leadership Coaching Programs

Optimizing Leadership Coaching Programs

In companies small and large, leadership coaching can take on a life of its own becoming difficult to manage, track vendors, and identify ROI. Realizing the impact of leadership coaching requires a rigorous process. Skyline Group can provide expertise, resources, and administration including our Coaching Concierge® service to optimize your coaching programs to provide consistent and scalable impact.

Our Coaching Engagements = Consistent Results

Our Coaching

Skyline Group's executive coaching and scalable coaching solution, C4X (Coaching for Excellence), follow our 4x4 Coaching Methodology ensuring that - no matter the complexity or size of the engagement - your company and the individuals being coached experience consistent quality and results.

These results enhance the individual's performance and are aligned with your organization's strategy and objectives. We take pride in ensuring that every single coaching conversation is high-impact.

To achieve your organization's goals, our 4x4 Coaching Methodology ensures that every participant:

Begins to grow foundational skills
Builds on existing skills
Refines skills
Sustains skills

With each coaching conversation, participants will have the opportunity to:

Explore their critical priorities
Get our expertise (Prescribe) including relevant frameworks, skills, and behaviors
Analyze and reflect on ways to improve
Create actions (Act) that deliver results

At the end of the coaching experience, each participant will have developed skills that will serve them for the rest of their professional career and drive immediate business results.

Leadership Solutions

We help align leaders to people, processes, and goals to maximize results.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Solutions

The most effective leadership development takes into account the entire leadership structure. Optimum company performance can only occur when all leaders have the right skills and are aligned as a team to business goals

How? Organizations and Component Alignment


We work with organizations and their leaders to help them align the components that enable optimum leadership and achieve company objectives.

Why? Feedback providing Development Opportunities


Often leaders are aware of their development opportunities through years of consistent feedback, but are not able to effectively develop those needed skills on their own. When leaders are able to accelerate their growth with the right resources they drive the achievement of company objectives.

Aligning Leadership to Company Objectives

Aligning Leadership to Company Objectives

A Sample of our Solutions

Vision Purpose Resources and Goals

Our work with your organization

  • Aligns your leaders to vision, purpose, resources, and goals.
  • Is extremely customized to the specific culture and needs of your organization.
  • Aligns all your resources in one direction and for a clear purpose.
  • Accelerates your decision making process to maximize efficiency.
Succession Planning and Realization

Succession Planning

From exploration to realization. From good ideas to great results. Our range of solutions will help identify both the starting place, road map, and ideal destination for leadership in your company.

Workshops for Skill Development

Workshops for Skill Development

Once we have helped you identify the key leaders who could use help accelerating their development, we identify competency gaps and develop curriculum and workshops that are practical and actionable.

Offsite Facilitations

Offsite Facilitations

We bring teams together to get alignment around vision, mission, strategies and roadmaps.

Competency Identification and Mapping

Competency Identification and Mapping

We work with companies to identify the most important skills and behaviors that reinforce company values and culture. If you already have competencies, we can help map those to our tools and programs.

Benefits and Outcomes

Benefits and Outcomes

Our focus on aligning multiple elements of leadership to company objectives strengthens the ability of both individual and leadership teams to achieve company results. As part of identifying the benefits and outcomes of our work together, we work with each of our clients to identify and track metrics that matter for each engagement.

Our clients include:

  • Adobe - Technology
  • Airtable Create Personalized Apps
  • Amazon - Technology
  • AMD - Technology
  • Atlassian
  • Barclays - Financial Institution
  • Bio-Rad
  • Blue Shield of California - Health Carea
  • Charles Schwab - Financial Institution
  • Checkr
  • Cisco - Technology
  • Clorox - Manufacturing
  • Columbia - Sportswear
  • Cyber Haven, Inc
  • Dignity Health - Health Care
  • Disney - Entertainment
  • DPR - Construction
  • Dropbox - Technology
  • EA - Entertainment and Gaming
  • eBay - Consumer Retail
  • Eventbrite - Technology
  • Experian
  • U.S Federal Reserve - Government
  • Flatiron - Health Care
  • Franklin Templeton - Financial Services
  • Gilead - Biopharmaceutical
  • Granite Construction
  • Google - Technology
  • Groupon - Consumer Services
  • HP - Technology
  • Instacart - Technology
  • Kodak - Photography
  • LinkedIn - Social Media
  • Mattel - Entertainment and Games
  • Mini Circuits
  • Medidata - Technology
  • Meritage Homes
  • Mercedes-Benz Luxury Vehicles
  • Netflix - Entertainment and Media
  • New Relic
  • Nutanix - Software
  • Nuveen - Global Investment
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Princess Cruises - Worldwide Destinations
  • Qadium
  • Rakuten - Merchant Technology Shopping
  • Raytheon - Defense Contractor
  • Robert Half HR Consulting Firm
  • Roche - Health Care
  • Samsung - Technology and Consumer Goods
  • Sephora - Beauty and Retail
  • Sequoia Capital - Investment Capital
  • Stanford University - College and Education
  • Stripe - Financial and Technology
  • Sunpower - Energy and Technology
  • Toast, Inc - Point of Sale Systems
  • Texas Instruments - Technology
  • Twitch - Media Streaming
  • Uber Eats and Uber Ride Sharing
  • Untapped
  • Verkada
  • Very Good Security
  • Vicor - Manufacturing
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati - Law Firm
  • Xilinx - Technology Supplier
  • Yahoo - Technology

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