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Leadership Coaching: A complete coaching system and high touch bespoke service. 1:1 coaching from leadership experts matched to each leader combined with technology to manage, measure, and deliver results every time.

Better executive coaching tools

Experienced coaches combined with superior tools, processes, and methods enables better results. Our Executive Coaching System within the CS platform expands the visibility, access, and impact of executive coaching.

  • Intuitive data analysis

    Intuitive data analysis

    Actionable data for leadership development, engagement, and hiring.

  • Curated content and customized experience

    Curated content and customized experience

    Individualized resource library enhances the coaching experience.

  • Detailed meeting management and tracking

    Detailed meeting management and tracking

    Coaches have the tools to track progress, notes, and monitor their engagements.

  • L&D/HR friendly

    L&D/HR friendly

    Deploy, assess, and manage your coaching programs using the resources and companies you choose.

A proven higher level of performance

The effectiveness of our program is proven through measurable, data-based results.

Objective achievement
Percent of leaders who achieved their primary business objectives
Skill development
Percent of people rating leaders that reported increased impact and skill development
Coaching impact
Percent of leaders reported increased skill development for all competencies chosen

The leadership team

Thuy Sindell

Thuy Sindell, PhD

Founder and President
Coaching Scaled Division

Thuy Sindell, PhD
Milo Sindell

Milo Sindell, MS

Coaching Scaled Division

Milo Sindell, MS

In collaboration with over 180 of the world's best coaches

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Karen H.

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Cynthia R.

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Carly B.

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Ken H.

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Work with The Most Impactful Leadership Coaching & Leadership Team Development Company Serving Minneapolis

Our firm offers 1:1 coaching, group coaching, training and consulting for custom leadership programs. Our proven methodology upskills CEOs, executives, C-suite, high potentials and leadership teams

Minneapolis has the second-largest economy in the midwest behind Chicago and was once and was the flour milling capital of the world, prompting banks and other financial centers to populate the Twin Cities confluence to meet the demand of funding the region's economic interests in commerce, food processing, and rail and trucking services, and make it the financial powerhouse it is today.

Now, Minneapolis has the fifth-highest concentration for corporate headquarters in the U.S. The list including Fortune 500's like Best Buy, Target, UnitedHealth Group, Accenture, Bellisio Foods, Ecolab & more. Business at this level requires insurmountable leadership and leadership skills to compete in highly competitive markets and continue to grow . At Skyline Group, we believe that inspiring powerful leaders and developing leadership skills are key to growing successful businesses, from startups to existing corporate enterprises.

A dynamic leader knows when bringing in experienced external help can benefit their business, and that's where we come in. Skyline Group is the leading executive coach in Minneapolis, and we help local businesses realize the potential in unlocking the total might of their executive and C-Suite leadership teams.

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