A Better 360

Our innovative and customizable competency based 360 is better, faster to use, and delivers actionable results. Raters love it and leaders embrace the concise insights!

Skyline Group 360 Assessments

A core research team from Stanford University was formed in 2001, along with fellow academia colleagues from University of Massachusetts and University of Florida. The objective was to capture the core of the research performed through all other existing 360 assessments and distill the essence defined as the fundamental competencies that support or derail a career.

The research showed that the 28 competencies that most supported the individual success in an organizational environment were distributed among four domains: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading the Organization and Managing Implementation/Execution.

The Skyline 360, available online, has a number of unique features:

High Rate of Response

To ensure compliance from raters, the Skyline 360 could be completed in less than 10 minutes. Spending more time to write comments is optional.

No redundant questions

Our questions are clear and concise so that we do not need to ask the same questions multiple ways.


The 360 Feedback report includes all essential competencies and skills for effective leadership.

Rate multiple people at the same time

Managers, or others who are asked to provide feedback to multiple leaders, can do so all at once enabling a comparative view and a time saving approach.

Powerful Normative Data

The normative data allows the leader to know how his/her scores compare with other successful leaders, understanding if s/he is "ahead or behind the curve".


Add items, modify competencies, and tailor your 360.


The Organizational Intelligence Institute

The Organizational Intelligence Institute

The Organizational Intelligence Institute is the human capital research and R&D division of the Skyline Group dedicated to advancing evidence-based management, people development, and organizational effectiveness. Through leading-edge research and our next generation survey and assessment solutions, we work with organizations to make better workforce decisions.


As of September 2016, more than 10,000 executives have received feedback through the Skyline 360 Feedback, assuring an incredibly robust database that yields accurate normative data.