We accelerate leadership learning to help companies get results faster

Leadership Coaching and Systematic Methodology

Leadership Coaching

With more than 180 coaches worldwide, Skyline Group's Leadership solutions follow a proven systematic methodology to assess and evolve leadership abilities. Our processes and solutions are focused on getting measurable results that are tied to organizational strategy and business goals.

What distinguishes us from other leadership or employee performance solutions companies are three fundamental differences:

Scalable Technology and Solutions


No other company has the technology to scale coaching to hundreds or thousands of employees.

Measurable Achievement and Goal-based Impact


Our programs help achieve individual, team and company goals for bottom line impact.

Global reach from Coaching Principles

Global reach

The same principles and focus deployed while coaching your employees around the world.

Our Approach

We align all of our service towards understanding what makes your people most successful. By focusing on assessing, coaching, and strategically planning for your staffing needs, we have honed our expertise to deliver unique, targeted, and personalized assistance that will maximize the performance of your executives and teams.

Culture is the most powerful competitive advantage. We support your desired culture by working with your executives to reinforce the values and leadership principles critical to your success.

We work with some some of the biggest brands in world as well as companies who's names you have never heard. No matter the company, the seniority of the leaders we are working with, or location in the world we provide personalized service and measurable results.


  • Supports your strategy and desired business outcomes

  • Is extremely responsive to the changing needs of your business and your executives

  • Is highly personalized to target each of your professional's specific developmental areas

  • Provides executives with vital tools and methods, helping them improve their unique leadership - style, impact on others and impact on the results of the organization

Our Solutions

Leadership Development Programs: Generic leadership programs do not work. We co-design custom, tailored leadership development programs that incorporate the skills and capabilities most needed by your people to win.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning - Transition Coaching - Onboarding

We support your organization's need to continue developing talent and the transition of those ready for a new, more challenging assignment and those on-boarding to the organization.

Strategic Leadership Review

Strategic Leadership Review

This solution provides a thorough, objective assessment of an organization's leadership team. At crucial times, this team leadership assessment allows the organization to rapidly define who should be "on the bus" and re-configure the leading team accordingly.

Accelerating Women in Leadership

Accelerating Women in Leadership

Our women-focused leadership development solutions are created to meet the needs of your female leaders. Women leaders face unique challenges. Our tailored solutions help your female leaders get to the next level and help them realize their full potential.

Optimizing Leadership Coaching Programs

Optimizing Leadership Coaching Programs

In companies small and large, leadership coaching can take on a life of its own becoming difficult to manage, track vendors, and identify ROI. Realizing the impact of leadership coaching requires a rigorous process. Skyline Group can provide expertise, resources, and administration including our Coaching Concierge® service to optimize your coaching programs to provide consistent and scalable impact.

Our Coaching = Consistent Results

Our Coaching

Skyline Group's executive coaching and scalable coaching solution, C4X (Coaching for Excellence), follow our 4x4 Coaching Methodology ensuring that - no matter the complexity or size of the engagement - your company and the individuals being coached experience consistent quality and results.

These results enhance the individual's performance and are aligned with your organization's strategy and objectives. We take pride in ensuring that every single coaching conversation is high-impact.

To achieve your organization's goals, our 4x4 Coaching Methodology ensures that every participant:

Begins to grow foundational skills
Builds on existing skills
Refines skills
Sustains skills

With each coaching conversation, participants will have the opportunity to:

Explore their critical priorities
Get our expertise (Prescribe) including relevant frameworks, skills, and behaviors
Analyze and reflect on ways to improve
Create actions (Act) that deliver results

At the end of the coaching experience, each participant will have developed skills that will serve them for the rest of their professional career and drive immediate business results.