Align, Accelerate,
and Achieve

Team Performance

Accelerate Team Performance

A leader's ability to achieve company goals can only go so far if their team is not aligned and working together in unison. Great leadership combined with a team that has purpose, drive, and works as one is unstoppable.

Following Skyline G's proven process results in creating teams where people feel connected, team and individual objectives are clear, productivity is accelerated, and results happen faster. No matter what your team is facing or how long the team has been together, we can help maximize your team's performance.

New Teams

New Teams

Accelerate your new team productivity curve by taking a group of individuals and transforming them into a high performing team faster. Avoid new team collaboration trial and error and accelerate the growth process.

Existing Teams

Existing Teams

Re-energize and transform existing teams into higher-performing teams by building upon current strengths and re-imagining individual and team potential. Clean up bad habits the team may have developed over time and determine new rules for engagement to reignite the purpose and passion.

Teams Facing New Challenges and Change

Teams Facing New Challenges and Change

Focus and align teams facing change to help them rapidly respond to new challenges, prioritize new objectives, confirm or adapt to new roles, and initiate the right course of action.

Team Services

Our Leadership Team Acceleration System provides a tailored and comprehensive process that increases leadership team effectiveness and business performance. At the same time this system creates the kind of dialogue that supports great individual performance and alignment of individual, team, and company objectives.

Your company and objectives are unique. Based on individual and organizational assessments, the Leadership Team Acceleration System is customized and tailored focusing directly on outcomes drawn from the specific requirements of the executive team and company objectives.


  • A current state of performance audit

  • 1-2 day Leadership Summit kick-off

  • Executive coaching for each leader tailored to individual, team, and business objectives Results assessment

  • 1-2 day Leadership Summit closing event
Team Building from Research and Data

Team Building

We help teams identify and break the barriers to high performance. Backed by years of research and data, Skyline Group has developed activities and tools to rapidly hone the skills of the team to communicate well, and grow the functional dynamics that support attaining the desired results. This work is carefully customized to address the specific challenges of your teams.

Leadership Communications/Influencing Skills

Leadership Communications/Influencing Skills

To differing degrees, individuals and teams find themselves today working in complex organizations. This kind of work involves the need to influence across functions and departments and collaborate with others over whom we have no authority. More than ever before, organizations must develop the capacity of individuals to influence others and create the value that comes from intersecting goals and objectives.

Team Alignment with Organizational Vision and Objectives

Benefits & Outcomes

We emphasize alignment within the team and with the larger organization's vision and objectives. It's easy to identify a winning culture when we get to see highly functional teams devoid of politics and fully committed to creating the value that moves the organization's goals forward.

Organizational and Team Boundaries

Our Work with Your Teams:

  • Supports your strategy and desired business outcomes.
  • Allows them to work more effectively together and across organizational boundaries.
  • Is extremely responsive to the changing needs of your business.
  • Is highly personalized to target each team's specific developmental areas.
  • Ensures alignment of the team's results to the organization's goals and objectives.